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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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DROID by Motorola is fast. You can blaze across the Web with a massive processor and Verizon’s powerful 3G network. You don’t even need to type! With Google Search™ by Voice, you just tell it what you want and DROID searches the Web to find it. You can switch between up to six apps at once! Choose a few (or a few hundred) from Android Market™ and try it yourself. DROID won’t bother you while you’re running those apps. It keeps disruptive alerts at bay in a handy expandable notification panel. It’s a pint–sized power plant. It’s location–aware. Voice–recognizing. App–mashing and multi–tasking. It can see through walls. And connect you to anyone or anything at break–neck speed. At some point, power and intelligence mean something more than a phone. At some point, you have yourself a DROID by Motorola. --Verizon Wireless

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Martha.Holbrook said...

This is the coolest phone!

Anonymous said...

I know - I even want one... this one if fun and easy to use!

Audrea said...

Just got mine yesterday and can't put it down. Crack Screen App is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This phone is great!
Some of the things to note that are awesome?
Call Quality
Touch Screen
Internet Speed
There are too many pros to list....

Anonymous said...

I believe the next phone that I get may be this one. Especially with all the good feedback that I am getting from it!

Anonymous said...

I have this phone and love it. So many apps and so easy to use.